Creating a prism inspired, interactive art installation...I'm on it!

Hey! I am documenting the process behind my “I see your true colors” installation for the You’re A Gem exhibition in Minneapolis, 2019. This was a fun and quite triumphant project for me for a few different reasons.

1. This marks my first full scale art installation. With that being said, when I was presented with this opportunity without hesitation I said YES! but spent the next few weeks ideating, testing in small scale and walking through my space in my own head to ensure this piece was as special and joyful as I could create within the parameters (cost, space).

2. I have been working with color and light in my own creative photography practice and was thrilled to be able to interperate my excitement into an interactive space where hundreds of people could feel the same excitement.

The inspiration was a crystal or prism as the theme for the exhebition was You’re A Gem.

The inspiration was a crystal or prism as the theme for the exhebition was You’re A Gem.

While the process of creating and planning took about 3 weeks, the installation itself took about 2 days to install. I left enough room in my planning and materials process to ensure the installation was perfectly fit to the space and that upon entering there was a sense of wow in addition to some curiosity as the neon fractals drew you toward the focal wall which allowed each patron to experience their “true colors” in a light installation.

This was truly an incredible experience and my learnings from it are many. I am proud that I was able to create a seamless process by planning properly for materials and effects which had definitely come from my experience in interior remodeling in addition to owning a storefront and designing for people in that capacity. I was blown away by the response from so many people who enjoyed the space and the great response from the news media (it was featured 3 times over the 4 week duration). Finally, I CAN”T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to try!